How To Purchase The Sportsman's Seasons

There are several ways to purchase The Sportsman's Seasons. Choose an option below. The material is available in both printed form (books) as well as a Printable PDF.

Seasons Currently Available

Season One Season One Adventures:

Preparing for the Season; He’s Alive; Feed, Seed or Weeds; In the Way; What a Drag; Panting for God; The Chipmunk Deer; What Am I Forgetting; Chigger Magnet; Looking our Eyes Out; Blood Trail; High and Dry; The Man-Eater is Coming; (Includes Witness Tract: Hunting for Answers?)

ISBN 979-0-9720992-3-3

Season TwoSeason Two Adventures:

For Such a Time; Hammer Time; Reading the Sign; Survival; A Little Talk With Jesus; Full Rut; Almost is Not Good Enough; Don’t Kick the Skunk; Talking Me Into Anything; False Hope; The Difference is Worth the Distance; A Place Called Possum Trot; Bull’s Eye; (Includes Witness Tract: The Blood Trail) 

ISBN 979-0-9720992-4-0

Season Three Season Three Adventures:

Off Season; Lease Agreement; Wayward Pellets; The Truth of Camp Fire Tales; He Made Me Do It; Boundaries; I Named Him Hard Head; Beaver by the Tail; Enjoying the Journey; The Trophy Room; Walking in the Light; I’ve Never Gotten Over It; Setup is Everything; (Includes Witness Tract: Trail to Heaven)

ISBN 979-0-9720992-5-7

Season Four Season Four Adventures:

Shortcuts; The Fire Goes Out; Back to the Basics; The Unexpected Catch; Trail Cams; Reloaded; False Steps; The Luck of the Draw; The Storm; Sonny Dog; Death Traps; Big Reeker; Tie Up the Boat; (Includes Witness Tract: Single Shot)


ISBN 979-0-9720992-6-4

Season Three Season Five Adventures:

Sacrifices, The Scar, The Dropped Bolt, First Light, Fogged In, Oh, What a Day, Missing Antlers, Stunted Growth, Old Stands, The Kid’s Table, Blind Spot, Don’t Boar Me, The End (Includes Witness Tract: The Exchange)


ISBN 979-0-9720992-7-1

Season Three Season Six Adventures:

Always Next Year; Hurry Up and Wait; Attributes; New is Nice, Boom is Better; Law of the Bobwhite; Perseverance or Insanity; Down Does Not Always Mean Dead; What Kind of Dog; Raging Sea; Shaving Sharp ; Expanding the Range; Fire Ants; Sabotaged  (Includes Witness Tract: The Outfitter)

ISBN 979-0-9889380-0-7

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